Logisoft Technologies

Our Philosophy

Since our beginnings, we mostly use free Software such as: LinuxOpenOffice and Firefox to meet our needs as well as the ones of our clients. These open and free software are really popular in the scientific and academic worlds because they are very secure, flexible and reliable. We believe that every type of business can benefit from the advantages of free software.

Free or not ? The difference : In order to show the principle of free software vs other software, Richard Stallman, one of the pioneers of the free software movement, compares it to a cake recipe:

- According to the principle of free software: you legally obtained this recipe by any means (magazine, told by someone…). You have the right to redistribute it to whom you want  and you can modify it and redistribute it in the way that pleases you.

- According to the principle of non-free software (or closed): you do not have access to the recipe, but only to the cake already made. You can eat the cake only in one kitchen, and nobody else can eat it. » *1

Our choice is simple: we offer solutions elaborated from free software, because in medium or long term this option will be more profitable for our clients like it is for us ! Yours to decide !

If you need to  consolidate or virtualize your servers or if you only want to securize your web site on the internet, do not hesitate to contact us Also see “Our services” in order to better understand how Logisoft Technologies can improve the use of your IT (Infrastructure Technology).

* 1 (Taken from the French source of : http://www.wikipedia.org).

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