Consolidation through virtualization of servers is used  to group  5 to 10 Windows or Linux servers on a single server. When you consolidate several servers, you reduce energy consumption, maintenance and support costs, while increasing efficiency,  and maximizing utilization and flexibility of your server.

The computer servers sold today are so powerful that they can can run multiple applications simultaneously on only one machine. This is  called consolidation.

To consolidate multiple servers on one machine, we use a technique called: server virtualization (see Virtualization).

Is consolidation good for me? Definitely! Server consolidation is almost invisible to the end user because most of the time your server’s power is underused. You will only see benefits.

- Better resources usage
- Lower cost of usage, one single server can run multiple servers.

Don’t hesitate and contact us to see how you can start consolidating your server at minimal cost.

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