About Us

LogiSoft Technologies Inc. was founded in February 1997. This company was born from the desire of computer professionals who wanted to offer products and quality services, to meet the needs of their customers.

Taking into account the rapid and continuous changing of this century, LogiSoft Technologies always make efforts to stay up to date with the new technologies and works to develop solutions and advances tools  to maximize the effectiveness of its customer’s IT (Information Technology).

The experience of LogiSoft Technologies’s specialists is broad and diverse. Its client is equally diverse. Prioritizing listening to properly analyze the needs of its customers, LogiSoft Technologies has been able to adapt its products and services to various industries ranging from industrial to commercial including the government, service sectors and research.

OK ! but, why LogiSoft Technologies? With our approach that emphasizes free software, we are able to deliver the most simple, safe and effective solution, and at a lower cost.

Our choice is simple, we prefer to offer solutions based on free software, because we believe this option will generate a better medium and long term profitability!

Our resources:

Focused on results and quality work, our employees and staff are experts in their respective fields. Whether for specific needs or for architecture projects, we are fully equipped to cope with the changing needs of the IT market.

Please visit our services, to better understand how LogiSoft Technologies can improve your return on IT.

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