Our Services

To consolidate or virtualize your current servers,  to replace your Firewall or to analyze your technology infrastructure your at the right place ! Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can see how you can start using virtualization with minimal cost. We also do Juniper Firewall upgrade or security reviews to see where you would benefit from a network upgrade.

Most of our solutions are based on Free software because in medium or long term this option will be more profitable for you as they are for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, RedHat and lot of others!

To know more about our services:

  • Visit virtualization to see how easy you can move to a simple virtual environment  at minimal cost.
  • See the consolidation page to learn how easy it can be to consolidate your 5-15 years old servers into one or two servers.

How about security ? How secure is your infrastructure ? Do you review you systems logs to see if there is some inappropriate activities. We can install the best tools to monitor your servers activities and correct any problem that are happening before you will even notice !

For any questions regarding these solutions don’t hesitate to contact us today in order to see how Logisoft Technologies can help you with the best free software tools on the market.

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